RISK² looks at the current climate of uncertainty through a positive and proactive lens. At Airmic 2018, through RISK², you will learn how you can apply new perspectives to your risk and capital strategies and take advantage of opportunities in a dynamic global risk landscape.

Cyber Risk

Over four in 10 of all UK businesses suffered a breach or attack in the past months. Cyber risk is now one of the top risks that companies worry about. Losses from cyber events continue to grow into the billions of dollars. Your organisation’s resilience requires a comprehensive approach to cyber risk management, including appropriate investments in capital, technology, processes, and people. Marsh can help you develop and implement risk quantification, mitigation, and transfer strategies to manage your unique and evolving cyber needs at every step.


Regulatory Risk

Regulatory changes continue to give rise to significant uncertainty for organisations in their objective to manage group risks in an optimal manner. Three of the current and critical issues affecting companies today are:


  • Base Erosion and Profit Shifting

  • General Data Protection Regulation


Disruptive Technologies

Technology continues to become more integrated and ever more important in modern-day life. New disruptive technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), will revolutionise our thinking, bringing together networks, data, devices, insights, and commerce to fuse together the physical and digital worlds. The rapid innovation and adoption rate of IoT technologies creates significant risk management challenges.


Environmental Risk

Environmental risks can have far-reaching effects. When an accident occurs, there is potential for the migration of pollution onto third-party property, impacting land and water resources, and leading to liability for bodily injury, damage, or clean-up. In addition, where environmental damage is proved, a liability for restoration may result in significant costs.

At Marsh, we recognise that environmental risks are specific to each business and we can help to define risk management solutions tailored to your organisation’s environmental risk issues. Our team of specialists can also provide advice on the use of environmental insurance to manage your key environmental risks. 


Crisis Recovery

The definition of a crisis can differ for many organisations, therefore, understanding the speed in which a crisis escalates varies significantly and the response to different crises is not always a single predetermined approach. Protecting your reputation, financial stability, and shareholder value are fundamental reasons for building an effective response strategy. 

Quantifying the impact of a crisis is a key factor in building this strategy; the evolution of social media, the citizen journalist, and fake news have contributed significantly to the way crisis recovery strategies are created and delivered.

Marsh provides reputational risk and crisis management services to support our clients before, during, and after an adverse event.